May 23, 2006

As Usual

Matching the Daily News back page above, Ken Davidoff bashes Alex Rodriguez in today's Newsday:
If it doesn't count, count on A-Rod

Boston -- Oh, A-Rod. Even when you do something right, it seems so wrong.

Of course, Alex Rodriguez smoked the first pitch he saw from Keith Foulke last night well over the Green Monster, the embodiment of a garbage-time home run. ...

More definitive, in the minds of the many A-Rod Haters, will be his four-pitch strikeout against nemesis Curt Schilling to lead off the fourth inning -- right after the Red Sox knocked around Chien-Ming Wang for four runs in the bottom of the third. ...

Sure, Derek Jeter, Jason Giambi and Johnny Damon could have done more, too, since Hideki Matsui joined Sheffield on the disabled list. But A-Rod always takes the biggest hit, because he's A-Rod.
Inside the Daily News, Anthony McCarron was a little kinder. He admitted that the
cosmetic two-run homer ... probably won't do anything for his reputation with the Yankee fans who bash him for not coming through in the clutch and hitting meaningless longballs.

But Rodriguez said he hoped the Yanks' four-run ninth against deposed Sox closer Keith Foulke would give him and his struggling teammates a jolt for tonight's game. "We swung the bats really well in the ninth," Rodriguez said. "Hopefully, it'll carry over."
Coco Crisp made it official: "Everybody thought I had the flu. But now I can say it was kidney stones." Crisp, who has yet to make his Fenway debut as a Sock, expects to return to the lineup within a week. ... No one seems to be asking: Why did Francona (and the Sox) lie about Crisp having the flu two weeks ago? Why hide the truth?

Wily Mo Pena hopes to be playing center field tonight. "Last year, I had the same thing [sore left wrist] that bothered me for a week, but I don't expect this to bother me that long." ... Gary Sheffield says he'll be back in the lineup tonight.

The Yankees have not scored in 28 of their last 34 innings. ... Schilling: "That team is decimated. They've lost some very significant people. We've got to take advantage of them now."

Wakefield / Wright at 7 PM.


s1c said...

Actually I saw in one of the papers a week or so ago that it was Kidney Stones, as for why the Sox said flu, well there is a little thing like patient privacy, see Schilling in NY.

Zenslinger said...

Wright's had a couple of good outings, might not be anything to sneeze at.

redsock said...

but if you are going to come out and explain why he had a setback, why lie and say flu?

it's not like having kidney stones is a sign of moral weakness or depravity ...

Timmy Mac said...

Really? I think we all know that kidney stones are caused by gambling and forgetting mothers day.

Jere said...

Another thing about A-Rod's (Monday) homer: On WCBS-880 sports, the guy was recapping each run of the game on Tuesday morning, got to the ninth, and said, totally deadpan, "A-Rod's clutch homer made it 9-3..." and just kept right on going. Some people probably didn't even catch it, but I certainly laughed out loud.