May 24, 2006

Coco Back On Monday?

Coco Crisp is shooting to be back in the lineup Monday in Toronto. Crisp will play in two extended spring training games tomorrow and Friday, then play for Pawtucket on Saturday (and maybe Sunday).

Crisp wanted to go straight to Pawtucket, but was overruled. Francona:
We don't want him to [injure himself] because he's trying so hard to come back. He looked at me like I was crazy when I mentioned [extended spring], but I thought it was a great idea. ... He can play center field, he can lead off every inning. ... If he needs the at-bats, he can stay and play the game [Sunday]. It's a 6:05 game. Then he could fly to Toronto the next day.
Manny Is Evil, Part 57: Tony Massarotti rails against Manny Ramirez's "inexcusable showboating" on his home run last night, adding that he's liable to get a "fastball in the ribs". Mazz also quotes Mr. Yankee, Johnny Damon: "Yeah, we're upset by that, but Manny's done it many times before."

More Damon: "Getting these big hits against the Red Sox? Yeah, I love it. ... It's their loss. They know it, and I know it." ... In their first 43 games, the Red Sox have scored 35 runs out of the leadoff spot -- the exact same rate as last year. And Kevin Youkilis's .423 OBP is far better than Johnny's .357. ... Sorry, buddy, I know how badly you want to feel missed, but it ain't happenin'.

J.T. Snow says he's content remaining with the Red Sox (especially over being dealt to a non-contender):
My salary, my age, probably work against me, but I'd be fully happy staying here. I'm totally fine staying here and playing on a winner. ... We've all been in Kevin Youkilis' spot where you get your shot, and it's time to perform. And he's doing it, and I'm happy for him. Anyone who plays the game wants to play more. I don't know anybody who wants to sit around on the bench. ... Hopefully, these guys can win me a ring.
No Support: When Wakefield left last night's game, the Sox had scored only one run. In five of Wakefield's 10 starts, his teammates have scored one or zero runs while he was in the game.


Zeke Hunkaburning said...

"Whether you think you can or think you can't, you're right?"

Thanks for that one, Y-T. I never heard it before, and I'm liking it and its truism.

By now, it is obviously a conspiracey against Wakefield to offer no run support whatsoever.

Remember that complete game duel last season against Randy Johnson, that Wake lost? I rest my case.

This season I think RJ is wondering if he can.

Manny took him deep in the first tonight, but even more importantly, for the NY media, he put his head down and ran humbly around the bases. Was that out of respect for the veteran Johnson, or in defference to the critizism from last night's Manny Moment?

One thing's for sure: Manny's hot and Manny knows it.

suzy lux said...

whotf cares about showboating? seriously. it's like, if i hit a bomb, i'd wanna admire it too. it's no offence meant towards the pitcher, they shouldn't get all touchy about it.

Zeke Hunkaburning said...

well, obviousely they do, Suz, but who are we to delve into the complexities of MLB-players psyche-mindset.

You're surely not asking for rhyme nor reason, are you?

Ask Mr. Beckett who seems to take offense at the stupidest things I ever heard of. Like Shea Hillinbrand. Since when did he ever try to show anyone up?

To me it's all a big joke and one of the most enjoyable aspects of baseball. I've learned to embrace it -- and enjoy a good laugh at it too. It's kind of like posturing in politics, ya know?

Of course, the media feeds into it, and I think the players are kind of playing the media on this asepct.

So enjoy this part of baseball culture, if you can.


I think Manny always know what he is doing and why, and that is why he is doing somethings differently this season.

Peter N said...

Timmy gets no run support. And when he does, it's usually an off-night for him. This too shall change.