May 24, 2006

G44: Yankees 8, Red Sox 6

Matt Clement whines about not starting in the last Yankees series? Then he goes out and sucks up the place to the tune of 4.1-9-8-4-4 -- while Terry Francona is off napping, and leaves him out there two or three batters too long. By the time Tito woke up, the damage was done and New York led 8-5. And that was enough of a cushion. So fuck you, too, Tito.

Boston had a decent chance against Kyle Farnsworth in the 8th. They trailed 8-6 and had Wily Mo Pena on third and Willie Harris on second with one out. Kevin Youkilis got smoked on some heat for the second out and Mark Loretta, after falling behind 0-2, worked a walk. Ball 4 went flying over his head to the backstop, but Pena was frozen at third base. Harris was half way to third and had to race back to second. Third base coach DeMarlo Hale was steaming.

David Ortiz fouled off a couple of pitches, but was looking fastball on 1-2 and was fooled on a slider (at 86 mph) for the third out. It was a tough night for Flo (0-for-5, 4 K).

On the good side, Manny Ramirez hit two home runs, a double and walked in five trips. Youkilis singled in the first, homered in the second and made several nice plays at first base. ... And Rudy Seanez tossed two scoreless innings.

I've just about had it with Clement. After getting two outs in the second, he allowed a walk, single, walk, HBP (run), single (2 runs), double (run). Then, he gave up four hits on four consecutive pitches in the fifth. Both flurries of hits came (mostly) at the bottom of the Yankee lineup, to Hall of Fame guys like Robinson Cano, Terrence Long, Kelly Stinnett and Milk Dud Cabrera.

Plus, I was stuck with the YES feed, so I watched the entire game on mute. Which isn't so bad, but I missed hearing the crowd noise. ... Judging from SoSH comments, Michael Kay whined for nine innings about Manny showboating on his HR last night and how he needed to be beaned.

Fuck it, we're still in first place. Bring on the Rays.


Shades of Jimy and Darren Lewis as Torre has Melky Cabrera leading off! ... WTF, Joe??
Youkilis, 1B   Cabrera, RF
Loretta, 2B Jeter, SS
Ortiz, DH Sheffield, DH
Ramirez, LF Giambi, 1B
Varitek, C Rodriguez, 3B
Lowell, 3B Cano, 2B
Pena, CF Williams, CF
Mohr, RF Long, LF
Gonzalez, SS Stinnett, C

Clement, P Johnson, P


suzy lux said...

how frustrating is this game right now.
i don't know who's head i want on a spike more: clement's or tito's.

brian said...

Clement sucks. I will never trust this guy in a big spot.

Our bullpen did a nice job keeping us in this one. Don't look now, but Tavarez and Seanez are putting some solid outings together.

In 7 games vs. the Yankees only Foulke's 4 runs in the mop-up inning have been scored against the bullpen.

Jack Marshall said...

Oh, Tito's head, for sure. He's really in a stupid streak. I would have lifted Clement after two hits in the fifth. John McNamara would have lifted him after three. GRADY would have lifted him after four hits (Clement is no Pedro Martinez). So what if Clement got a was still a terrible non-move. And THEN, worst of all, he pulls in the infield in the 5th, one run down, with runners on 2nd and 3rd. Who DOES that? It's an awful percentage move.

I often defend Clement, but boy, I hate it when he pitches like that.

redsock said...

blame tito.

clement is what he is. (i have defended him in my head, if not in the blog, but no more.)

it's tito job to know that and it's his fault clement was left out on the hill for so fucking long tonight.

thanks for flying the white flag tonight, terry. it's okay, though, because losses in may don't count as much as losses in september.

and there's no chance the sox and yanks will end up tied or separated by only a game in the standings. that never happens. shithead.

Zeke Hunkaburning said...

It seemed like a solid Yankee win to me. Typical managerial moves by both managers.

After clement stumbled several times it was clear that being hit by the liner by Bernie Williams affected him and that his leg was buckling under his pitching weight. Tito could have acted sooner.

Seanez and Tavarez just don't seem like Red Sox to me. Must be the ameteur fan in me: to me they just don't fit the bill.

Riveria was awesome again. I guess he is close to matching Dennis Eck as fourth on the all time closer list.

And how about baseball beautiful for the last play of the game by Jeter. Credit where credit is due.

I enjoyed seeing Manny on fire.

Papi had a tough night.

I just wish I had seen Monday night's game, and Schilling's gem of a performance.

I have a feeling it will be an interesting three way race in the East.

But it's time for the Red Sox to get their ducks all in a row -- and I don't mean boats.

Yaz-Tex said...

Ode to Abe

There once was a man named Clement,
Whose stuff moved as quick as cement,
As he said with a frown,
Whilst being again knocked from the mound,
I'm afraid to K.C. I'll be sent.

"Don't worry" said his loyal Skip, Tito,
"As in return you'd fetch only a burrito,
So we'll keep sending you to the mound,
Until Wells returns from the pound,
Or until Theo can land Barry Zito."

He's in danger of becoming our Jeff Weaver or Ed Whitson, someone who pulls the El Foldo when the lights shine brightest and the stakes are highest.

2005 ALDS anyone? I welcome dissenting points of view.

Earl said...

Yaz-Tex - wow. Well done.

suzy lux said...

mid-june of last year clement was 9-1. can you imagine that now?? wth happened to him?

and why the hell didn't willy-mo run on that wild pitch?? he totally would have made it home. that was so lame.

i don't even wanna dissect what went wrong and roll with the punches on how we could have won this game. clement just sucked ass so badly. he was the reason we lost. two 4-run innings is just terrible. we jump out to the lead and he immediately relinquished it for us, not once but twice! like he was pitching for the opposite gd team.

red sock, i feel for you having to listen to YES. the way you put that made me chuckle tho ;)

one thing that made me laugh tonight: manny barreling through hale's stop sign, and then the old clip nesn showed of manny cutting off johnny damon's throw to the cut-off man in either 2004, 2005. that was pretty hilarious.
i'm happy he had a great night.

yep, bring on the rays. we're still in the lead. huff. kick. asdlkfjsdjf ;D

redsock said...


actually, i watched YES, but had the game muted the whole time.

if someone could give me red sox games with crowd noise and no announcers, i'd pay triple the EI package fee.

you hear me, rogers cable?


suzy lux said...

^^haha, yah i kinda meant that. it's just funny/awesome to think of someone watching an entire game but keeping it on mute just to avoid having to listen to the bastards calling it. more awesome than funny ^5

oh man. games with no commentary would be amazing. i wish ;/

Zeke Hunkaburning said...

Has Clement ever been the same after being hit in the head last year?

He ain't got it for the Sox this year, that's for sure, and I don't see him turning it around anytime soon, either.

And Wells?

Dream on.


And WTF can't we score behind Wake?

Rotation, rotation, rotation.

Jack Marshall said...

Anti-Manny Bias Watch: Remy and Orsillo ridiculed Manny for about 10 minutes for running thru Hale's furious "STOP!!" to score, but didn't even mention Wily Mo's rock in failing to score on the wild pitch. I thought there was some obscure rule I had forgotten about.

Jack Marshall said...

By the way: the fact that the Unit is obviously washed up is more significant than the loss by the Sox...still, this was a game that should have been won.

s1c said...

Welcome to the club, I've been wanting Matt(deer in the headlights) Clement gone for a long time. Can't stand the guy.

The Couch Potato said...

I don't feel badly for Clement any longer. He hasn't been the same since the line drive to the head last year but that's no excuse. If you're going to dive to the ground every time a hit comes your way, maybe you need to retire. The worst part is that the Sox are probably stuck with him unless they decide to eat his contract and buy him out.

Will someone wake Francoma up and tell him the Yankees were in town this week?

Jere said...

Maybe this is the year Clement does good in the SECOND half.... (crickets)

About Kay & Co: Yes, they were quite pretend-appalled about the Manny situation. They talked about beaning him. Then when Proctor came in, Singleton suggested the Assman get ahead in the count and then "buzz" Manny--who promptly hit one out on the first pitch, shutting that dick the hell up.

Jack Marshall said...

And ANOTHER thing...if Jerry Remy can figure out that a line drive off the lower leg will bother Clement as the game goes on, why can't Francona? The trainer? Brad Mills? Clement was staggering out there, for heaven's sake!
And while I'm considering last night's managerial stupidity, doesn't Tito supposedly check the stats? Johnson went into last night letting lefties hit .280. Dustin Mohr appears to be an automatic out; what's the point of sitting Trot?

ARRRGH. This was a great chance to bury the Yankees, and it was botched.

suzy lux said...

yep. it sucks. perhaps the most frustrating loss in a while. i keep thinking of how annoying it was while simultaneously trying to forget about it and focus on beckett and the rays *sharpens steak knife* *heats up grill*
games like that make me think of payola, et al. i mean, it's just so retarded that seemingly every red sox fan knew what had to be done with clement, and terry did not. i mean, please.

haha, that was good jere. i hope yr right :)
damn, i dunno, maybe he just needs to put on those red stockings again ;)
like the lightning bolt patch for 'the knights' ;)