May 25, 2006

G45: Red Sox 4, Devil Rays 1

Red Sox - 222 202 32x - 15

It was a night of squandered opportunities -- 13 hits, 5 walks, 1 Devil Ray error -- but Boston prevailed, because, well, Tampa Bay sucks.

Josh Beckett was strong (6-4-0-1-7) but threw 101 pitches in six innings. Keith Foulke pitched a clean seventh, Mike Timlin struggled in the eighth (one out, then three straight singles and a force play), and Jonathan Papelbon jogged in for a four-out save.

He struck out Ty Wigginton to end the eighth -- and then seemed a bit off in the ninth. He threw nine pitches to Greg Norton (not this cool guy) (single) and eight pitches to Toby Hall (pop to right). After his sixth pitch to Hall, Papelbon shook off Jason Varitek three times before the catcher called time. Then Papelbon shook him off again, before delivering a pitch. Papelbon was not throwing his split as much, relying much more on fastballs, which were not up to his usual velocity. (Of Pap's 17 pitches to the first two batters in the ninth, nine were fouled off.)

Papelbon regained some control and got Russell Branyan looked at a 96 mph fastball, then got Dave Hollins to ground to second. ... And the water was dirty. ... 16 saves in 16 chances for Mr. 0.36 ERA.

Also: While the Sox were batting in the bottom of the eighth, many fans were doing the wave. If I were president of the Red Sox, any fan doing the wave at any time during any game would be subject to a lifetime ban from Fenway Park. ... John Henry, I suggest you introduce such a scheme.


Beckett (4.19) / Waechter (6.63), 7 PM says Doug Waechter
made his first start out of the bullpen on Saturday ... He allowed three runs over six innings on six Marlins hits, walking three and striking out two. It was a big improvement from his last outing, in which he allowed seven runs on 11 hits over seven innings in his longest outing of the year. Waechter lasted just 2.2 innings at Boston on April 19, surrendering seven runs (six earned) on five hits and three walks for his first loss of the season.


suzy lux said...

aw yeah! great strike-out to end the 8th from pap. love that splitter ;D

brian said...

Good win. 15-5 now when Schilling or Beckett start.

Tampa Bay hits more foul balls then any team I've ever seen. Everyone must have gone home with a souvenir tonight.

Jack Marshall said...

I checked the videotape, and I am now 100% convinced that ARod's bizarre "where's that ball?" act on his three run dinger was indeed intended as a slap at Manny for his homer-gazing. Better than beaning him, I guess. ARod may have a future on the stage...

Yaz-Tex said...

I have to concur with j.m. on Slappy's theatrics on Thursday night. What a punk - maybe he'll get a second serving of Tek's mitt before all is said and done this season.

I'm reading Simmons' book (a little late on this particular Christmas present), and would highly recommend for its humor and historical context on the mood and tenor of the post-2003 season A-Rod negotiations, Nomar's self-imposed contract fiasco and subsequent sullen withdrawal in 2004, and the eventual recognition by Theo that team defense would be the downfall of the 2004 squad if sweeping decisions were not made.

While at the time there was wailing and gnashing of teeth across the Nation as NYY stole the prize Show Pony out from under BOS, how many of us would want a do-over on that knowing what we know now?

Let me think - how about zero? While you have to believe Theo would take a second serve on the decision not to re-sign OC, one thing is certain - BOS would have had no more chance of winning it all in 2004 with Slappy than we would have had with the once iconic #5.

There's some truth to the addage that people often do get what they truly deserve. Looking at Steinbrenner and "the third baseman", you have to wonder if either or both would like a do-over on their deal.

Jere said...

They do the wave at every game at Fenway...

And that A-Rod thing was definitely phony--like everything else he does.

Kyle said...

Yeah, I can't stand the stupid wave either. Just watch the d@mn game, you morons.

redsock said...

They do the wave at every game at Fenway...

Get 'em out!! OUT!!


(And these fans bitch about Manny's supposed lack of attention? ... Ooooh, look, it's coming around again! Wheee!! ... Assholes.)

L-girl said...

No self-respecting baseball fan should ever do the wave. In Fenway of all places...! An abomination.

Jere said...

I absolutely can't comprehend how someone will stand up and start yelling for everyone to start a wave DURING, say, a Manny at bat. (Which actually happened in section 23, when I was there last Monday against the yanks!

Zeke Hunkaburning said...

Beckett did look like the ace he was made out to be last night. He should feast on these TB type teams.

Lasting only six puzzled me though. Some TB batters did have long at bats with a lot of fouls.

He can go more than 101 pitches, can't he. I'd like a portal into Tito's mind, sometimes.

Let's hope Beckett can maintain consistency.

Even with half a brain, like someone said on NESN, he can't help but profit by the company he's been keeping, Schilling, Nipper and Varitek. Seems like he's listening and learning, and you can only give credit to someone willing to keep on learning.

We will learn somewhat what to expect from David (Foot-in-mouth) Wells tonight, but the thought of relying on him every 5th day is kinda scary, because you know that knee can go at any time, and who doesn't think it will and soon.

I guess we can look forward to Lester joing the Big Club at some point in the season if he keeps on track down in Pawtucket. We will need help in the rotation, from somewhere, that is for sure.


The wave doesn't bother me too much, but I think it does point up the fact that many people go to Fenway simply because it is a hot ticket, prestigious, and not because they are passionate baseball fans.

That idea irritates me more than the wave does.

redsock said...

Lasting only six puzzled me though. ... He can go more than 101 pitches, can't he.

Beckett told the press that it was a tough 101 pitches. Tito says he thought about extending him, but he decided to go to the pen.

Wise move. No need to overwork Beckett's arm in May. And it gave Foulke more work, after his Yankee debacle.

Wells: At least we know that when his knee goes, he'll go. He will retire rather than do any more rehabbing.

Lester: Chris Snow also had some stuff on him in his Minors notebook today.

Josh said...

I'm the only purist in America who likes the wave. It distracts the pitcher. And you can absolutely, positively, continue to watch a game while standing up occassionally. You can even keep score while the wave's going on. I know.

Jeez -- there's 20 seconds between pitches and standing up/sitting back down takes three. What am I missing here? And am I alone in thinking that it's LOOKS cool? WHAT'S THE MATTER WITH YOU PEOPLE? HEY! LET GO OF ME! THE NSA GOT TO YOU, TOO?! AH-YEEEEEE!

Jack Marshall said...

The Wave: It's awfully dumb, but I do kindof like the beach balls.

Wells: No way he lasts the season: if he can be an effctive place-holder for Lester or Roger, that's the best scenario. I wouldn't bet on it.

SOME of us didn't want a do-over on Show Pony IMMEDIATELY after he went trotting to the Yankees based on what WE knew THEN. Nyah Nyah Nyah.

No, the "what if?" in Theo's head involves trying to steal Lowell and Becket for Pedroia rather than Hanley. But even with Ramirez tearing up the NL and Gonzalez hitting like Mike Ryan, I wouldn't undo that trade for anything. It was still a steal.

Sean O said...

Jesus christ people, the game is about having fun. People can actually do the wave and not be dumbasses.


Jere said...

I like how the wave has become unique to Fenway. However, the only official wave starts in section 34/35, is started between innings or during a blowout, and goes clockwise. All other waves are unauthorized, and are usually started by drunks who are literally missing pitches to turn around and tell the crowd to start the wave.