May 27, 2006

G47: Red Sox 6, Devil Rays 4

In notching his 200th career victory, Curt Schilling (7-8-4-0-7, 111) had only two rough innings, when the dregs of the Devil Rays lineup -- Ty Wigginton, Greg Norton, Josh Paul, Joey Gathright -- battered him about. In both the second and fifth innings, two doubles and a single led to two Tampa runs. (In the other five innings, he gave up a total of two singles.)

But those bumps in the road were no problem, because Boston scored one in the first (Ortiz's sac fly bringing in Youkilis, who totaled two singles, two walks, and three runs scored) and four in the second (Nixon's two-run double being the big blow). ... Mark Loretta had three hits.

Keith Foulke pitched a perfect eighth (10 pitches) and Everyday Jonathan Papelbon pitched a perfect ninth (7 pitches) for his 18th save in 18 chances.

WTF Moment: Ruddy Lugo walked Willie Harris on four pitches in the eighth inning.

New York routed the Royals 15-4, so the East lead remains at 2 games.

6:07 PM -- Kevin Youkilis is playing left field tonight (it had been reported earlier this week that he was taking fly balls out there). ... Manny Ramirez gets his first day off.
Youkilis, LF
Loretta, 2B
Ortiz, DH
Nixon, RF
Varitek, C
Lowell, 3B
Snow, 1B
Pena, CF
Cora, SS
Wells Update: An MRI taken today of Wells's right knee confirmed the initial diagnosis of a deep bone bruise. ... Tito: "I think there's an outside chance he could make his next start [Wednesday in Toronto]. We're still holding out a little bit of hope. I think there's a little bit better chance his start gets pushed back a couple of days ..."

Curt Schilling goes for his 200th career victory tonight. Only 103 pitchers have reached that milestone (three of them with the Red Sox -- Lefty Grove, Ferguson Jenkins and Luis Tiant).

Some schlub named McClung is tonight's designated punching bag.


suzy lux said...

kevin youkilis is playing in LF tonight? whaa?

suzy lux said...

jt snow must be psyched.

redsock said...

I may have to break down and listen to Joe and Jerry tonight. Yuck. ... Hmmm, maybe the Rays radio guys are good.

redsock said...

suzy: didn't you used to have a regular blog? (or am i confusing you with someone else?)

redsock said...

I tried. Really, I did.

[Warning: Political Content Ahead!]


I made it through to Varitek's AB in the bottom of the first. Then Trupe started talking about a letter he had received from Iraq and thanked the writer and his friends for "keeping our country safe" and for all the good work they are doing over there, etc. etc. (uh-huh)

(That's like thanking someone for tiding up your house while they are busy burning it down.)

That's going to stick in my craw if I keep hearing his voice, so let's see what the Rays guys are talking about .......

redsock said...

Devil Rays radio says Willie Harris is a "Joey Gathright" kind of player.

Willie - .138
Gathright - .197

We wish!

Zeke Hunkaburning said...


Schilling gets number 200!

Paps gets number 18 consecutive!

Well's injury is just a bad bruise!

Hitting streaks galore!

The best defense in baseball!

Hats off to Curt Schilling for showing how far you can go on guts, brains, and determination.

Control, control, control!

What's he got, 9 walks all season, and what, about 65 Ks?

He never had Clemens stuff or Martinez stuff, was never a 6 foot 7 intimidator, but damn, he has gotten the job done, and he has the ring, and we have the trophy, to prove it.

How nice is it to see Loretta's BA above .300? I feel shame for doubting the man earlier when he was struggling.

And how any games has our defense won?

With a little over a quarter of the season gone, we're looking pretty good against the competition.

What if Wells can come back and win 10 games for us.

I'm hesitant to jinx anything, but, Goddman, this team is begining to inspire confidence in me.

And thanks, Trot.

suzy lux said...

we're looking good, but we have 3 tough road series' ahead. i'm anxious to see how we fare.
i so want us to put detroit in their place ;)

good grind by curt tonight. i'm happy for him and his fam :))

ps. red sock, i have a regular blog, but it's personal, not red sox related. must be someone else yr thinking of :)

Timmy Mac said...

While I agree with your larger point about the Iraq war being a horrible idea, what's Trupe supposed to say when he reads a letter from a serviceman? "Bite me, jarhead?"

redsock said...

One option: He could not read it at all. ... I'm sure he gets lots of mail that he never discusses on the air.

Sean O said...

I'm as liberal as anyone, but it is kinda memorial day weekend. I don't take offense at people saying they're "defending the country," I just disagree with them.

If he went off on a tangent saying how the war was necessary and Bush actually wasn't the worst president we've ever had it'd be different, but I don't blame the troops for what that dumbass has made them do.

redsock said...

Yeah, I was annoyed that he had to say anything political during a baseball game (... writes the guy who posted a lot of political commentary on his baseball blog awhile back).

Maybe if I didn't find him so annoying in the first place, it wouldn't have bothered me so much.

Jack Marshall said...

My takes on Trup's comment:

>It is fine to say nice things about the military (like when the game is on the Armed Services they still do that?), but baseball is an escape for us, and political content of ANY kind, pro, anti, or whatever, doesn't really belong on a Sox broadcast.
>A serviceman's letter is not intrinsically worthy just because it comes from a soldier, or inherently UNworthy either. If it's an especially nice or inspiring or entertaining letter, there's no reason not to read it.
>Redsock: the "political content ahead" device is a very fair and good one for a blog like this. You do a great job restraining yourself, given your other interests, and that was the right way to handle that comment. Also kudos for recognizing and noting a possible bias on your part, that your dislike of Trup generally may have caused you to over-react to his letter comment. Mentioning your objection AND the bias is class all the way.

Jack Marshall said...

Back to baseball: Isn't it clear to all that Willie Harris is a minor leaguer over his head? Surely there is a better Dave Roberts surrogate out there to be had? What's Donny Sadler doing these days?

L-girl said...

Trup's comment sucks, the war sucks, politically minded baseball bloggers having to worry about offending hawkish readers sucks.

Jack Marshall's take on Trup's comment doesn't suck.

Willie Harris sucks, at least in CF.

redsock said...

What's Donny Sadler doing these days?

Anyone heard from Darren Lewis?