May 18, 2006

Harris Takes Blame; Snow Requests Trade; Hansen/Papelbon Flip-Flop?

Willie Harris screwed up:
I was told I was on the hold sign. I saw the hold sign the first pitch. I kind of thought maybe it was just for the first pitch. But it's on [for every pitch] until he takes it off. I just kind of overlooked it, didn't think about it ... What can you do?
How about leaving the team?

Tim Wakefield was consistently inconsistent. He allowed a walk and a single in the first and dug himself a 2nd-and-3rd-no-out hole in the second. Wakefield: "I felt a little uncomfortable the first three innings, put a lot of guys on base, but after that I pitched OK." Uh, Tim, it was during that "OK" time that you gave up the four runs, allowing the first two Orioles to reach base and subsequently score in both the fourth and fifth innings.

JT Snow has requested a trade and the Red Sox are asking around. Snow hasn't started since April 22 and has five plate appearances in the past 20 games. ... Mark Loretta went 7-for-14 against the Orioles and has 24 hits in his last 49 at-bats (.490). ... Trot Nixon will probably leadoff in the game that Kevin Youkilis sits out in Philadelphia.

Jonathan Papelbon talked this spring about his desire to be a starting pitcher. Now, he says, that desire is "gone. Starting does not even enter my brain anymore. I get a lot of satisfaction out of closing. I feel like more of an everyday player. Hopefully, I'll be able to close for a long time. ... All of a sudden it's like a newfound glory. ... It's very satisfying. ... I could never start a game again in my life and I'd be happy."

At the same time, Craig Hansen, seen by many as Boston's next closer, started the second game of Pawtucket's doubleheader this past Monday. He allowed five hits with four strikeouts in a 4-0 win. While not saying anything regarding Hansen's future role with the team, the Red Sox believe Hansen's progress is best served by longer outings so he can use all his pitches.

My partner Laura will be happy with Papelbon's quote, since she wants him to stay in the pen. I do not.


andy22 said...

willie made a mistake early in the season. get over it. maybe if wakefield didnt give up 3-4 runs every single fucking start the whole thing would not be an issue.

Jack Marshall said...

Huh? 3-4 runs every start is 16-18 wins. Wake was the third worst supported pitcher in the AL last I looked. 4 runs in Fenway is a winning pitching performance most of the time.
As for Willie, I don't blame him for getting thrown out...I blame him for being a patsy at bat. If your pinch-runner can also hit like Dave Roberts, he's worth having. Willie can't. That roster slot can be better filled.

I'm with Redsock on Papelbon.

Zeke Hunkaburning said...

Once again, opinions are like . . . well, Like something everyone has.

I happen to agree with Jack, something that doesn't happen every day: agreeing with Jack, that is; if you know what I mean, and that last part is just to avoid ending a sentence with "is".

Don't say nothing bad about Wake here, until he becomes a liability to the Sox, and that has rarely been the case.

Like I said before, if Wake had Randy Johnson run support, he'd be the winningist pitcher in baseball.

At least Harris owned up to his mistake, did not try to spin it.

Still, hats off to teo, for a bad acquisition.

It ain't Harris, it's the fit.

Monkey suit time.

L-girl said...

A good start is a good start, but someone else can do that every five days. But a guy who can consistently nail down a one-run game is money in the bank. I oughta know.

If Papelbon can be the Sox's Mariano Rivera... nothing could be better. I'm not saying he is that, it's too soon to know, but if he can become it, baby, that is Christmas.