May 19, 2006

Sox In Philly: You Can Doooo Eeeet!

First of all, Michael Silverman gets a Manny double-fingerpoint for using "It's got a lot of culture" as one of his notebook subheads in the Herald this morning, even though the actual quote is "Well, there's a lot, a lot of culture here."

Culture Guy was recently singled out for a You Don't Kick Ass award, but the true highlight of that commercial is Backseat Cab Guy ("It's like a baby New York."). That's a selling point?! I'm too much of a wimp to handle a real city, hmmm, why don't I visit a place that's smaller and duller? Amazing. It's like people who gladly announce to the world they think they are idiots by buying those "_______ For Dummies" books. ... BTW, where the hell is Tony Little this year?

Anyway, interleague play (boo!). ... Philly Press:
All-too-familiar Red Sox roll in for 3-game set (Inquirer)
Designated good guy: Ortiz brings personality, power to town (Daily News)
Schilling won't get any closer to milestones this weekend (Daily News)
Farmhands: Jon Lester is 2-0, 1.31 in his last four starts with Pawtucket after an 0-4, 6.94 in his first four outings. ... Craig Hansen will make his second start tomorrow.

David Ortiz on Kevin ".424 OBP" Youkilis:
Youkie's been doing great. Hopefully he'll hit like that all year round. He's got confidence. He's worked hard. That's what it takes to be a good player. You got to work and he's been doing it. I'm happy for him. He's got to make the money, that way we can fix his face, get it smaller.
Clement / Lieber at 7 PM.


Jere said...

You wanna be sick? Last week at the Stadium, the Bleacher Cretins were doing their role call, and when they got to Damon, I looked over and witnessed him do OUR double-point to those subhumans.

And he wants to be cheered at Fenway Park....

suzy lux said...

the only thing i think of when i think of philly now is that fans booed santa claus at a game or something.
(and girls with jack knives who have cool accents. and cheese steak naturally..)

i hate interleague play too. only when it involves us tho ;)
other than that, it's so funny to watch the pitchers hit! haha, look mommy he struck out again! D:<

L-girl said...

Johnny shouldn't be using the double-finger point in the Bronx, but I take serious exception to anyone being called a subhuman!!

Bleacher Creatures are the real deal. They are there in the ups and the downs. Jere, you ought to be above such talk. Bleh.

I hate interleague play, but what's up with booing Santa Claus? What was he doing at a baseball game anyway?

Jere said...

The Santa Claus thing was during a football game, I think.

Re: Bleacher Pricks: you mean these people?:

L-girl said...

And you don't think we could scour the internet and find evidence of equally digusting things done and said in Fenway?? Come on, Jere. I've been to Boston during Yankee games, wearing my old NY cap, so I know how it can be.

Do you actually think diehard Yankee fans are more "subhuman" (what a disgusting word!) than diehard Red Sox fans? The loud, obnoxious variety comes in both colours. You must know that! No?

L-girl said...

Also, may I add... Do you think (a) everyone in the bleachers is like this, and (b) this was a typical experience? Of course they're not, and of course it wasn't.

If you paint all Yankees fans or even the whole bleacher crowd in this light, you're just engaging in prejudice - judging an entire class of people based on the actions of relatively few.

Jere said...

The right field bleachers at yS are pretty much all assholes, that's all I'm sayin'. Especially with the Sox in town. It's really bad out there. Nothing like the bleachers at Fenway.

There are bad fans on both sides, but the amount of venomous, drunken scumbags on the yankee side is much greater.

L-girl said...

I used to love sitting in the RF bleachers. I guess that makes me an asshole.

There are bad fans on both sides, but the amount of venomous, drunken scumbags on the yankee side is much greater.

Dream on.

redsock said...

Come on, Jere, Fenway has its share of assholes too. There's a good reason why they haven't had beer vendors anywhere in the park in decades.

Over 18 years in New York, I've spent many nights in both left and right field bleachers. I've never seen the horror stories many fans later report. There are dicks out there, but not overly hostile dicks (as long as you aren't actually looking for a fight).

And I was in the left field bleachers during the playoffs in both 1999 and 2003. Not a bad experience (though some fans did set a Sox fan's cap on fire and the cops just laughed).

P.S.: I would boo Santa too.

redsock said...

There are bad fans on both sides, but the amount of venomous, drunken scumbags on the yankee side is much greater.

Well, the Stadium holds more people.

Anyway, you can't use traditional counting stats to decide whose fans are more obnoxious -- you have to get sabermetrical. At the very least, you have to examine the number of bars surrounding the respective parks, the watered-downness of the in-park beer and the general literacy rates of each city.

Crunch those numbers!