November 17, 2006

Canadian Blog Awards

Canadian Blog Awards

I just discovered that this blog has been nominated for a Canadian Blog Award as "Best Sports Blog".

You are all encouraged to click here and vote for JoS (scroll down). Round 1 voting ends next Tuesday. ... You are allowed to vote more than once, but only once a day.

While you are there, cast a vote for we move to canada (my partner Laura's blog) in the following categories: "Best Blog", "Best Progressive Blog, and "Best Personal Blog".

Thanks (and thanks to the mystery person who nominated me).


L-girl said...

the mystery person who nominated me

My guess: Woti.

I didn't even know wmtc was in all those categories. That gives me more of a chance.

Oh wait, I said I was trying not to care about these awards. But I'm glad I have a sports blog to vote for now.

Woti-woti said...

Nope. When I voted for wmtc I scrolled all the way down and noticed JoS, so I figured y'all knew. Secret admirers everywhere, I guess. Best of luck to both.

L-girl said...

Huh. Go figure.