February 16, 2007

Matsuzaka Meets The Press

From Daisuke Matsuzaka's first spring training press conference (which included more than 120 Japanese journalists):

I'm not sure if my expression shows, but I am very proud of where I am right now. My training in Southern California was very fruitful. It worked out very well. That is a contributing factor. The atmosphere is making me feel like I can have fun.
I would love to pitch a fastball, that will be my first ball. I would like my first batter, if he is listening, please try not to hit the ball.
When Nomo started playing, I was in junior high. For me, who wanted to play in the big leagues some day, the first game was very shocking, very impressive. I remember it clearly. For that I will be playing my best so all young players in Japan who are dreaming of being professional can look up to me.
I have received a lot of expectations all my life, but I always remembered the most important thing is to play ball and have fun. ... The scale of the contract does not determine how I play baseball. I feel responsibility, but I am not pressured.
I knew this question was coming today [barely suppressing a giggle]. And I was preparing some optional answers for this particular question. Should I say I can pitch that ball? Or I could say, which particular ball are you referring to? Or which ball are you calling a gyroball? Overall, if I have the chance, I will pitch that ball.


L-girl said...

Thanks for this - it's great!

I would like my first batter, if he is listening, please try not to hit the ball.


9casey said...

Foulkie's all done .That's too bad....

rememberboggs said...

This crazy Japanese dude rules! Check him out guzzling beer in this Japanese commercial!

L-girl said...

Perhaps that's the same ad Redsock posted here.