February 25, 2007

Papi's Puppy

Thursday's Herald:
Ortiz arrived with a tiny terrier puppy named Mikey, who peacefully watched proceedings from the shade of a golf cart.
He's brown and black. Gotta find a picture!

Update: On Sunday, in his second session facing batters, Curt Schilling threw 51 pitches and worked on his changeup. David Murphy: "He was keeping the change down, and it was nasty."

Daisuke Matsuzaka is scheduled to throw about 50 pitches in his second BP session tomorrow. He may pitch against David Ortiz, Julio Lugo and Wily Mo Pena. ... Gordon Edes was told by a reporter who covered the Seibu Lions that in one bullpen session last season, Matsuzaka threw 333 pitches.

Julian Tavarez would rather be a starter; Mike Timlin would like to close. ... Rich Garces, 36 in May, has signed with the Nashua Pride of the Canadian-American League.

Mariano Rivera on possibly pitching for the Red Sox:
I don't think so. I respect the players and I respect the organization, but we've had so much happen between us. I don't think I could do it. There's too much between the teams.
Damn, I was hoping he might make Yankee fans sweat a bit more this season.

CHB in Friday's Globe:
I've said it before and I'll say it again: Covering this team is like doing layup drills on an 8-foot rim.
And that's about the level of effort Dan puts into his columns -- with his outdated cultural references (Procol Harum?!?), unamusing nicknames, well-worn catch phrases ("Young Theo", "Franconamen", "big lug"), fear of intelligent analysis, and disgust for any fan who does not share his biases.

John Henry to CHB: "You need to start paying attention to baseball."

Rob Bradford of the Eagle-Tribune is down in Fort Myers and is blogging like a madman. Bookmark him!


L-girl said...

a tiny terrier puppy named Mikey

Photos, photos, we need photos!!

Beth said...


also, why did i subject myself to that shaughnessy column? every time i start to feel some inklings of sympathy for the guy i read another of his columns and remember why i hate him AND why i don't read his columns 99% of the time, either.

Pokerwolf said...

I don't even bother to waste my time with CHB's columns anymore. If I want to read a Sox columnist, I'll go read whatever Gammons has written recently.

CHB became lazy because he could fall back on The Curse or 1918. Now that he's lost his crutch, and he's banked a decent amount of dough, he can admit he's a slacker. Unfortunately, because he's a "name" he won't get fired.

redsock said...

Thanks for the photo, Beth!

(Not quite the type of dog I had expected.)

L-girl said...

OMG what a cute photo. Big Papi and a tiny Yorkie. Thanks for that, Beth.