January 16, 2008

Buchholz, Other Prospects Training at BC

With Truck Day about one month away, a dozen Red Sox prospects -- including Clay Buchholz, Jed Lowrie and Justin Masterson -- are taking part in a two-week program at Boston College.

Buchholz also spent two months at the Athlete's Performance Institute in Florida. He has put on about 13 pounds in his shoulders and chest, bumping his weight from 178 to 191, and is determined to stay strong through the long season. Clay: "I've actually been throwing a lot since the first of the year. Everything is going as planned so far."

The Red Sox would like Buchholz to pitch 180-190 innings in 2008. Last year, at Portland, Pawtucket and Boston, he threw a total of 148 innings.

Hideki Okajima is in Tokyo promoting the season-opening series with Oakland on March 25-26: "It's great that Japanese fans will get to see the No. 1 team in the world." Jeemer said the biggest issues for him last season were "the communication problems and getting used to the food".

Bud Selig and Donald Fehr testified before a Congress committee investigating performance-enhancing drugs. George Mitchell stated that he believed Brian McNamee "had an overwhelming incentive to tell the truth". MLB.com writer Mike Bauman thought that the session was "less contentious, combative and argumentative" than the previous session, on March 17, 2005.

There's also a call for the Department of Justice to investigate whether Miguel Tejada gave false statements to a House committee in 2005 about his use of PEDs.


s1c said...

The only thing I have to say about the Tejada story line is remember all the grief that Schilling took for basically turtling at the same session. Now you see why! If you are under oath, you better be 100% sure or you get this type of thing, on the personal side, shut the frag up congress and go back on recess.

The globe and herald are both touting the arbitration filings of Youkilis, Snyder and Lopez.

For you dog lovers the old man of my house.

redsock said...

Love a dog with a light foxy face!


Yeah, but Tuh-hotter said that in addition to being 110% clean, he had never even heard players talk about steroids -- like, ever. No middle of the road statements from him.

s1c said...

Love a dog with a light foxy face!

Most of that lightness is due to being 13+ years old. He has been a good dog and b-fly has basically grown up with him protecting her every day, now if I could just get him to sniff out yankee lovers among the boyfriend(s) I would really be happy.

Andy said...

Seriously can we just blame all of steroids use on clemens for the whole league and move the fuck on?

Did you hear the edit of all clemens statements where he says he loves roids and his kids love it too. its soo funny.

Allen said...

Completely to be a jackass: It's Justin Masterson.

And oh yeah, rock the vote, Joy of Sox style.

redsock said...

Dustin/Justin -- maybe I was half-thinking of Pedroia.