January 23, 2008

Canadian Blog Awards: Finals

The Joy of Sox has advanced to the Final Round of the 2007 Canadian Blog Awards!

All you have to do is click here and cast your vote for JoS. As I said before Round 1, there aren't many visitors to a baseball blog in late January, so I need every vote.

Also: please vote for we move to canada as Best Progressive Blog -- because (1) it is and (2) it's written by my best friend, L-girl.

... and Truck Day is only three weeks away!


Cormac said...

You have my vote anyway, good luck!

Colin said...

I already voted, but you should go to www.soxaholix.com to see their promo of you.

"Just because Canada is culturally irrelevant doesn't mean it isn't modern."

Ian said...

Put my vote in for you and left a link for my readers at SOX & Dawgs to vote as well.

Casey said...

you have my vote through patron skies with all our hearts command.