January 23, 2008

Manny Training With Pedroia, Yook

Manny Ramirez is working out with Dustin Pedroia and Kevin Youkilis at the Athletes' Performance Institute in Tempe, Arizona.

Pedroia says Manny "talks about going to Fort Myers every day. I've never seen him in this good a shape. He's on a mission."

Ramirez posted a .493 slugging percentage last year -- easily the lowest mark of his career and 126 points lower than his 2006 mark of .619. If Manny (who turns 36 at the end of May) doesn't rebound, it's questionable whether the team will pick up his option for 2009.

DP says his left wrist is fine -- after surgery to remove a cracked hamate bone. "I'm good, I'm fine. A week after I got my cast off, it felt fine. I did all the rehab and I've been hitting since the first of the year."

Youkilis and Kyle Snyder submitted figures for their arbitration hearings next month. The numbers: Youkilis $3.7 million/Red Sox $2.525 million. Snyder $1.025 million/ Red Sox $725,000.

Javier Lopez signed a $840,000 contract for 2008. ... The Red Sox agreed to minor league contracts with two right-handed relievers: Dan Kolb and Dan Miceli. ... Catcher Dusty Brown was added to the 40-man roster.

Gordon Edes chats with Bill Werber, who broke in with the Yankees in 1930 and later played for the Red Sox (1933-36). Werber turns 100 years old on June 20.


Zenslinger said...

2006 = .619 SLG, not 2007.

Some would call this hype but I am cheered by it. Go go Manny.

9casey said...

Boston Red Sox to wear uniform ads in Japan......I wonder if there is any chance they would wear high heels, and bright red lipstick
when we have guys on at the corners....

Patrick said...

I agree with zen that Manny working out doesn't really mean anything, but you gotta admit: Manny is a bad man.