January 25, 2008

Red Sox Blogwatch

Surviving Grady has two clips from the 1986 post-season (including the pennant-winning celebration) and what was, perhaps, the greatest moment of the 2003 season. What. a. nasty. pitch!

Out In Center Field is run by Melissa, the Queen of Red Sox Video. Recent posts include Jerry Remy's hilarious "Homer Inning", a David Ortiz spit take from last June and -- how about this! -- video of 17-year-old high school junior Josh Beckett pitching in the 1997 Grand Forks International Baseball Tournament.

Jere's long-standing question of whether Carl Yastrzemski hit a mammoth home run off Fenway's right-field facade in 1977 has apparently been answered.

If you're in need of some serious Fat Billy Hate, you can always count on Chad Finn:
Let's put it this way: If Roger Clemens goes before Congress willingly, I'll eat his lawyer's hairpiece. In the biggest moments, he's always shriveled and tried to find the coward's way out. Why should that change now? I fully expect that if he does end up having to testify, he'll pull out his old standby and try to limp out of the proceedings halfway through with the trusty "tweaked" groin excuse. Desperate man, desperate measures.
Jose Melendez weeps for Roger Clemens:
The United States of America is now a place where a man, a great man, a man who stood face to face with Jeff Suppan and almost won ... where a man who has several times almost made it through the first few innings of critical ALCS games can be given an opportunity to refute accusations, decline that opportunity, and then complain that there has never been an opportunity to dispute the story. If this continues rest assured that the disappearance of habeas corpus is next. Or possibly, before. Jose gets confused.
Evan at Firebrand looks at the Sox' 2008 ZiPS projections. ... If you don't know what WARP, BABIP and FIP are, Fragile Freddy can help you.

Kelly O'Connor has lots of photos from various Sox events this winter at Sitting Still (see also here).

Over The Monster is counting down the Top 10 Moments of 2007 (here are 10, 9 and 8).

Who is the one player on every team whose jersey you would buy? Vince, a MFY fan at Sox and Pinstripes, offers his picks here and here.

Thanks to Soxaholix for its amusing endorsement of me in the Canadian Blog Awards (vote here before next Wednesday). Now if you'll excuse me, the roof on my igloo needs some repairs.


redsock said...

Looks like Home Run Derby first had the Beckett footage.

Zenslinger said...

That's a nice roundup, RS.

redsock said...

Well, I'm doing nothing, so I should note that there are people doing something.

Patrick said...

Oh you Canadians. You ought to come down sometimes and indulge in one of our water parks. I know the idea is foreign to you guys, but we have water most of the year (oppose to ice), and it's refreshing in the heat of summer (a season we get that would fall between your winter and winter season).