February 28, 2010

Starting Pitchers Announced

This Week's Starting Pitchers
Wed 0303
Casey Kelly vs Northeastern, 1 PM
Boof Bonser vs Boston College, 6 PM

Thu 0304
Josh Beckett vs Twins, 7 PM

Fri 0305
Jon Lester vs Twins, 1 PM
(followed by Tim Wakefield)

Sat 0306
John Lackey vs Twins, 1 PM (split-squad)
Felix Doubront vs Rays, 1 PM (ss)

Sun 0307
Clay Buchholz vs Orioles, 1 PM
The starts by Boof and HH will be on MLB.TV.

Peter Abraham claims this "sets up either Josh Beckett (on one extra day or rest) or Jon Lester (on normal rest) to start on Opening Day against the Yankees on April 4 in Boston". ... Good call -- as if someone other than one of those guys will be pitching G1.

Mike Cameron left Sunday's workout early with tightness in his left groin. ... Mike Lowell has been working out at first base.


Joe Gravellese said...

Boof is going down!


Jere said...

Those mlb.tv games are also on regular TV for those who can get it: NESN on Wednesday night, and MLBN on Sunday (which could mean NESN for NESN-area people(?))

FenFan said...

Good call -- as if someone other than one of those guys will be pitching G1.


So maybe the debate should be WHO will be the Opening Day starter. My gut tells me Becks.

buffwarrior said...

so ready for the games to begin..

tired of the spankie fans living off of 2009.. time to start the ritual spanking that we've done for the last 2 years.

Zenslinger said...

The day's reading:

From Abraham chat available on Extra Bases: "Mariano [Rivera] is a freak of nature. He's the greatest athlete I have ever covered. He plays CF in batting practice and runs down balls like Willie Mays. It's crazy."


I swore I wouldn't read any more Shaughnessy. But I gave in read his bit on SI.com about five pressing issues the Sox have. It's a bunch of crap laced with statistic denial, strongly implying that most fans were right not to notice any poor defensive performance from Lugo and Lowell last year.

I am now raising my right hand and swearing yet again not to read CHB anymore. I renounce him and his works.

Benjamin said...

More importantly, this schedule also sets up Terry Francona to manage the team on opening day.

L-girl said...

Benjamin has the right idea.

Zen, too. Let's make it a JoS pledge. Easy for me!