October 24, 2010

2010 World Series: Giants / Rangers

The 106th World Series begins on Wednesday night in San Francisco. And some time between October 31 and November 4, one city/region will celebrate a championship for the first time.

The Giants last won the World Series in 1954, when they still played at the Polo Grounds, in upper Manhattan. Since then, they have made it to the Fall Classic three times, losing in seven games to the Yankees in 1962, being swept by the A's in 1989, and losing in seven games in 2002 to the Angels.

The Rangers have never played a World Series game.

Longest World Series Droughts
102 years  Cubs (1908)
62 years Cleveland (1948)
55 years Giants (1954, as New York Giants)
49 years Rangers (Never, began 1961)
49 years Astros (Never, began 1962)
P.S. The Cubs haven't won the NL pennant in 65 years.

Also: Of San Francisco's seven post-season wins this month, six have been by one run. The scores:
NLDS: 1-0, 4-5 (11), 3-2, 3-2
NLCS: 4-3, 1-6, 3-0, 6-5, 2-4, 3-2
Schedule (time are EST)
WS1  Wed 1027  Rangers at Giants, 7:30 PM
WS2 Thu 1028 Rangers at Giants, 7:30 PM
WS3 Sat 1030 Giants at Rangers, 6:30 PM
WS4 Sun 1031 Giants at Rangers, 8:00 PM
WS5 Mon 1101 Giants at Rangers, 7:30 PM
WS6 Wed 1103 Rangers at Giants, 7:30 PM
WS7 Thu 1104 Rangers at Giants, 7:30 PM
Game 3's start time is the earliest for a World Series game in 23 years. In 1987, the Cardinals and Twins began Game 6 at 1 PM.


Benjamin said...

Apparently Bengie Molina has already won a ring, since he was traded mid-season from the Giants to the Rangers.

Ish said...

Will he run out to celebrate with the Giants if they win? That'd be hilarious.

Dr. Jeff said...

I can't find pitch f/x data for last night, particularly the called strike three that ended the game. Was it low? How can we find out? Fox did not show the pitch on their "fox tracks" or whatever TF the call it.

redsock said...

Brooks is not working (for me, at least), but it looks like it could be low on GDGD.

Philip said...

As an umpire myself, I'dve called it a strike were I behind the plate. It's close enough to be a judgment call.

L-girl said...

And some time between October 31 and November 4, one city/region will celebrate a championship for the first time.

Oh man, I love this.

Also, the best thing about that list of droughts? You know. The absence. So sweet. So so so so so amazingly sweet.

Benjamin said...

Not low. Belt-high and over the plate by at least an inch.

Dr. Jeff said...

You posted the wrong graph. That is for the TX/NY game.

Dr. Jeff said...

Your description was correct!

Here it is.

Michael Holloway said...

The moment it happened I went to Brooks for a pic of the AB. The site said it was over-loaded with requests. That was true even the next day? A lot of writers must have had the same idea: Caught looking, as your season goes bye-bye.

It's working now but In case anyone's interested, here's a link to the entire page for that AB.