October 3, 2010

Four Days In October - New Trailer

The Red Sox hosted a preview of "Four Days In October", the ESPN special about the last four games of the 2004 ALCS, this evening. (RedSoxDiehard is attending the screening and will share her report tomorrow.)

To keep you teary-eyed until the show airs on Tuesday night, that ESPN link has a second trailer!

This one is the Kevin Millar Show -- with Cabin telling the CHB, as the Red Sox are warming up before Game 4, exactly how it's gonna go down!
CHB: It's embarrassing, man.

KM: What's embarrassing?

CHB: You guys are better than this.

KM: Well, I mean, you know, it happens. It's baseball.


KM: We wanted to go to the championship series and lose. That was our job. If we can get swept ...

CHB: Come on.

KM: But let me tell you, don't let us win today ...
CHB: Okay. That's a start.

KM: Then we got Pedey tomorrow. Then we got Schill in Game 6 ... In Game 7, anything can happen. We could have you out there. I'll put you at second base. You know, in Game 7, anything can happen. Dan Shaughnessy, hitting 9th. Then you can take that fraud comment back*, and then we'll be in the World Series. This is it! (starts pounding his glove in time with his words) Don't. Let. The. Sox. Win. This. Game!
[* CHB's column before Game 3 began: "They have one more game to make their case. Are the 2004 Red Sox a happy-go-lucky (then suddenly unlucky) pack of frauds who failed to show up for the biggest series of their lives? Or are they full of the stuff that makes a team special and historic?"]

Also from that column: "If the Sox lose to the Yankees again tonight, they effectively are done for the season. ... Game 3 will dictate how this Red Sox team will be remembered."]


Kathryn said...

The Millar trailer gave me chills. You absolutely have to love that man.

Tivo is set. I can't wait.

Rob said...

ESPN shows an ad before the trailer, so basically, it's an ad before an ad.

MacLeodCartoons said...

I thought the 'don't let us win tonight' thing was just a throwaway line from KM - but clearly it wasn't. He said it many times and clearly must have believed it. Wow. He's a piece of work....

Amy said...

I miss Millar.