October 9, 2010

Bloomberg Planning NYY Victory Parade

New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg said on Friday morning that he has begun planning the Yankees' victory parade.
I'm sort of trying to figure out where the parade should start.
Joe Girardi says that "there's a lot of planning that goes into something like that ... they just can't do it overnight", which is certainly true. Doesn't mean you have to talk about it publicly. The Post notes that "those who lived through the Yankees' 2004 ALCS collapse against the Red Sox aren't icing the champagne and beer".The Yankees lead the Twins 2-0 and can move onto the ALCS with a win tonight, but as George King reports, the specter of 2004 looms over the franchise.
They are nine innings away from advancing via a sweep, yet 2004 is alive, if not well, in the Yankees universe.

"We had the Red Sox's number for a hundred years and they found a way," general manager Brian Cashman said of the 2004 ALCS, in which Boston erased a 3-0 deficit to get to the World Series and leave a fleshy scar on the Yankees' skin that still is visible today.
(The Red Sox erased a 3-0 advantage. If you want to refer to a deficit, then it's 0-3 -- because deficits are negative. ... Like when people say so-and-so has had a "meteoric rise" to fame. Meteors don't rise. They fall.)

Yankee Stadium garages have increased parking prices 74% for the ALDS -- from $23 to $40. ... Money Fact: Cap'n Intangibles and Slappy McBluelips are making more than the entire Rangers roster.

This MLB.com article is headlined: "When Playoffs Come, Jeter Flips The Switch". Except that he really doesn't. He's good, but his batting average and on-base percentage are actually a little bit lower in the playoffs -- and that difference was more obvious before he had the worst batting season of his career. For example, Mr. November had a .179 OBP against the Diamondbacks in 2001.

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