March 29, 2012


This off-season has been interminable at times, but Opening Day is only One. Week. Away!

1. If you have not entered the W-L contest, do it now! One quick email = the chance at a pretty friggin cool book. (And if you have entered already and want to edit your entry, you have a week to do so.)

2. This season's game threads will be at the board I started last August. Join the fun.

3. If you have a spare 10-20 seconds, please take Laura's two short surveys: here and here. She needs participants, so go. Thanks!

4. The 2012 Joy of Sox Theme Song (And Message To All American League Foes (And You NL Teams, Too; Bastards), Especially The Yankees And The Rays) (not safe for work, at all), from the Sons of Butcher (Canadians!):

We Fuckin' Rule

We fuckin' rule all your asses

I've been raped by pigs and I'm fine
Blow up the shop all the time
Basically you're all shit when you're compared to me
Obviously when I rock you should be on your knees

Rock so hard I sink ships
Washed the world's biggest tits
Basically you're all shit when you're compared to me

Bonus: the band's hit single "Fuck The Shit" (or, if you suffer from the vapours, "Beep The Beep".)


laura k said...

Yay, we have a theme song! And it's Canadian (of course).

Thanks for posting the survey links and many thanks to everyone who clicks.

FenFan said...

Methinks that these links are NSFW - but I will be rocking these at home later (outside the earshot of my kids, of course). :-)

allan said...

Methinks that these links are NSFW -

What part of "Fuck the Shit" gave it away?

Benjamin said...

That's a very sensible guitar he's playing: it throws the horns up so he doesn't have to. More time for fucking the shit that way.

9casey said...

Social bookmarking?

allan said...

that's what i said.

laura k said...

If only we had watched that show while we had the chance. For a year, Sons of Butcher was on cable 8 times a day and we never watched. Then I watched, loved it, got hooked, and it was discontinued. Story of my life.

Social bookmarking, yes. What can I tell you. They make me write these papers.

andy said...

OK you got me, lets do this shit.

allan said...

51 contest entries so far.
3 days left to enter.