October 21, 2013

Everyone Loves A Contest #14

Let's Do It Again!

World Series Contest!

Prize: "How the Red Sox Explain New England" by Jon Chattman and Allie Tarantino (Triumph Books, 2013)

Guess: World Series Results (e.g., Red Sox in 4)

Tiebreaker A: Total Runs Scored by Red Sox

Tiebreaker B: Total Runs Scored by Red Sox and Cardinals

Just For Fun: Who Will Be The Series MVP?

Rules: Email your guesses to me. Winning tiebreaker can be over or under actual amount(s).

Deadline: Wednesday, 12:01 AM.

1 comment:

allan said...

If Philip H. wins again, I'll get another Prize! He won the ALCS contest and nearly guessed both tiebreakers on the button.

Red Sox scored 19; he guessed 18
Total runs was 37; he guessed 38