October 21, 2013


While we wait for Wednesday night, check out the awesome gifs at Over The Monster (also) and Surviving Grady. Here are a few.


Dr. Jeff said...

I rewatched the 7th inning of Game 6. Some observations. The 3-2 pitch to Xander was clearly a strike. That was a gift call. Ellsbury's grounder to Iglesias was fielded cleanly but he botched the toss to start the DP. The reaction of Scherzer during this play is priceless, going from hope to despair very quickly. He mouths "God.." and stops before saying "damn it". Drew's at bat, though resulting in a strike out, managed to drive up the pitch count. It was 110 pitches when he was pulled.

Finally, what I had forgotten was that Victorino's Grand Slam occurred with an 0-2 count. Making it extra sweet.

What a game.

Bartman said...

Does the beefy catcher ever jump into the smaller closer's arms? Is there an "unwritten rule" on this?

allan said...

Varitek jumped onto Foulke in 2004. (See the cover of Time magazine.)

Gareth said...

And Varitek also jumped onto Embree, who he outweighed by some distance.