October 29, 2013

Newspapers: Game 5

And finally, from the New York Daily News:

This can't be playing well in New York, certainly not with Yankee fans. Enough already with all of this beard-tugging, for one thing, but more to the point, the Red Sox really do look some like some team of destiny, as tiresome as that may sound.

How else do you explain their uncanny knack for delivering in huge moments this October, despite some hideous batting averages, as they move closer to capping off one of the most remarkable turnaround seasons in baseball history with a championship.

Indeed, the numbers aren't pretty for the Sox, yet they are ... on the verge of winning it all.


gojohn said...


FenFan said...

Thanks, Allan, for pulling this together day after day. Always a joy to read.

allan said...

Thanks. Wasn't sure anyone really cared that much.

I have been checking a short list of Mass. papers. May have to expand that when they win Game 6!

Michael said...

We do care, Allan! Always an entertaining read. Thanks for this.

Tom DePlonty said...

I love these posts. This has been such a cool thing to follow...and when I'm thinking about this season later, I know I'll be back here to jog my memory about feelings and details.

laura k said...

the Red Sox really do look some like some team of destiny

As a wise man once said, We make our own destination. (Because we've been rejubilated!)

Maxwell Horse said...

"Wasn't sure anyone really cared that much."

I enjoy seeing them. Just don't always post a comment.