March 15, 2014

Keri, On Red Sox: "Moneyball ... But With Money"

Jonah Keri, Grantland:
If almost everything went wrong for Boston in 2012, then almost everything went right in 2013. The Red Sox can hope physical therapy turns this team into baseball's version of the Steve Nash–Grant Hill Phoenix Suns, who enjoyed extraordinary team health despite carrying multiple injury-prone players. They can hope the bench keeps producing, the next generation of young power pitchers clicks, and the position prospects fulfill their potential. But it’s no sure thing.

What is a sure thing, however, is that even if Boston fails to repeat this year, the franchise is in good hands. Instead of settling for a stars-and-scrubs roster, this team is putting thought into every little detail that goes into building a winner. The Red Sox are winning with money, and with Moneyball.
Joel Sherman, Post:
In the here and now, Mark Teixeira, Brian Roberts and Derek Jeter are red-flag injury risks and Kelly Johnson is a neophyte third baseman. There is arguably no greater risk-reward infield in the whole sport than the Yankees'. They can have a high-production unit or a high-wire disaster.

No matter the result, the Yankees are looking at a renovation for next season. ... [But] the Yankees simply have no answers coming.


mattymatty said...

I'd argue the Yankees are not a risk-reward infield. They're a risk-no-reward infield. There is no way Jeter at his age coming off his injury is a plus player. The rest of that infield is mediocre at best and that's assuming they're healthy which given their histories is no sure thing. The quality of that team lies elsewhere. The infield is their weakest part. If they win in 2014 it'll be in spite of the infield, not because of it (or because they made a bunch of deals at the deadline).

laura k said...

I agree with MattyMatty. In fact, at first I thought I was reading the quote wrong. Where's the reward?

Michael said...

The calm eyes are not enough of a reward for you?

allan said...

Calm eyes ... and a .133/.212/.167 slash line in ST. I'll take it.