March 24, 2014

Ortiz Agrees To Extension For 2015, Club Options For 2016-17

David Ortiz has very likely signed the final contract of his remarkable career.

John Farrell:
It looks like he's going to finish his career with the Red Sox. It's amazing to me that he performs at the level he does. He's critical to our offense nightly. ... You walk by and he's got a group around him. When he speaks, people listen. He's had so much success and a set of experiences that players look for him as a sounding board and to gain confidence. He walks in and all eyes go to him.
John Henry:
It is difficult to describe David's contributions to our city both on the field and off the field, and we are so proud to have this ambassador of our game with us as he continues on this road to Cooperstown.
Gordon Edes posted the details on the contract extension:
2015: $16 million

2016: A $10m club option vests at:
425 PAs: $11m
475 PAs: $12m
525 PAs: $13m
550 PAs: $14m
575 PAs: $15m
600 PAs: $16m

2017: Straight club option (no vest) at $10m that escalates at the same levels as 2016.