March 28, 2014

Tigers' Miguel Cabrera Signs 8/248 Extension

Good lord.
Add in the remaining two seasons on Cabrera's current deal with the eight-year extension, and it qualifies for the largest contract in baseball history, reportedly $292 million for the next 10 seasons. The deal includes vesting options for 2024 and '25 at $30 million each, which would be triggered if Cabrera finishes in the top 10 in American League MVP Award voting the previous seasons.
It is hard to truly fathom how mind-numbingly horrible that deal is for the Tigers. Cabrera turns 31 on April 18.


And on the heels of that comes news that Anaheim's Mike Trout has signed a 6/145 deal, buying out three years of arbitration and three years of free agency. And Trout will be only 29 when that deal runs out.

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Michael said...

It's a great deal for the Tigers, they pay for what they get through his peak years and once that's over they can just trade him to the Yankees :)