May 24, 2014

G48: Rays 6, Red Sox 5 (15)

Red Sox - 500 000 000 000 000 - 5  6  1
Rays    - 010 130 000 000 001 - 6 14  1
Game Wrap-ups: WEEI, ESPNBoston.

The current nine-game losing streak is the Red Sox's longest since 2001.

Boston first: Holt singled. Bogaerts singled. Pedroia walked. Carp HBP (1-0). Gomes hit sacrifice fly to left (2-0). Pierzynski homered (5-0). Gordon Edes tweeted that when the Holt scored on the Carp HBP, it was Boston's "first lead since last Sunday, only 2d lead in last 72 innings".

Also: Blue Jays and Yankees won, Orioles lost.
Jake Peavy / David Price
Holt, 3B
Bogaerts, SS
Pedroia, 2B
Carp, 1B
Gomes, RF
Pierzynski, DH
Sizemore, LF
Ross, C
Bradley, CF

Are the Red Sox (20-27) doomed?

Both Over the Monster and ESPNBoston say : "Not yet."*

Marc Normandin, OTM:
It's pretty easy to panic and mewl at this point, if only because, even after one of the most successful decades in sports history, Boston still doesn't know how to cope with defeat, outside of turning up the Woe Is Me dial to 11. If you take a step back, though, and look at how many ways the Red Sox still have of making a go at this thing, you can hold off on the fretfulness. For now, anyway. ...

[I]t's still just May, and we haven't seen the real Red Sox yet.
Gordon Edes, ESPNBoston:
The Red Sox have gone to the postseason 21 times in 114 seasons of Hub hardball, winning eight World Series and 13 American League pennants. Of those 21 postseason participants, none has ever been more than four games under .500 during the course of a season. ...

Only one Sox postseason team [2005] had a longer losing streak than the current Sox have. ...

But while it has no precedent in Sox history, it hardly rates as an impossible deficit to overcome.
Edes points out that the 2003 Marlins were 10 games below .500 on May 22 (19-29) and the 2002 Angels were eight games below .500 on April 23 (6-14). Both teams went on to win the World Series.

*: Both stories were posted Friday morning, and Boston lost another game last night.


laura k said...

Maybe we should start a contest for when the Sox will win a game. What day it will be. Or what month.

allan said...

Today's lineup is not a good one.

Tom DePlonty said...

Was this a planned day off for Ortiz?

allan said...

Brandon Workman and Daniel Nava are with the team in Tampa.

allan said...

I read he has shitty numbers against Price. (Napoli still bothered by his finger.)

allan said...

Tiz v Price: 10-for-41: .244/.326/.463

allan said...

Yet among Sox players who have batted against Price more than 8 times, Nap and Flo have the highest OPSs!

allan said...

Victorino to DL

Michael said...

SoSH: "Do you think Price giggled when he saw that lineup?"

Also, according to Tomase, almost everybody in the clubhouse hates AJ. I couldn't shake that feeling while Jon gave up that 7-spot a couple of nights ago. Wish someone had seen this coming. Oh wait.

Tom DePlonty said...

Ortiz has some minor calf issue per Dave O'B in the pregame.

allan said...

Edes tweet after Carp HBP gave Sox 1-0 lead: "Sox take their first lead since last Sunday, only 2d lead in last 72 innings"