May 25, 2014

G49: Rays 8, Red Sox 5

Red Sox - 001 000 202 - 5 10  0
Rays    - 000 210 50x - 8 10  0
Brandon Workman / Jake Odorizzi
Holt, 3B
Bogaerts, SS
Pedroia, 2B
Ortiz, DH
Carp, 1B
Nava, RF
Pierzynski, C
Sizemore, LF
Bradley, CF

This nine-game skid is the Red Sox's longest streak since August 25 to September 4, 2001 (also nine games). Before that: 11 games (June 8-19, 1994).

Mike Napoli has been placed on the disabled list (sprained finger). Pitcher Alex Wilson was added to the roster.


Tom DePlonty said...

Starting to remind me of 2010.

allan said...

Wondering if I should add a question mark to the title of the blog ...

allan said...

Game Notes: "The Red Sox have lost 10 of their last 11 games, with 6 of those 10 losses by 2 runs or fewer, including four 1-run losses and four walk-off losses."

hrstrat57 said...

Researched last night:

As best I could determint the only team to win the WS with a 9 game losing streak in the same season was the "53 NYY.

No team has lost 10 straight in a season and won the WS that year.

The "51 Giants lost 11 straight however and still won the pennant tho it took the shot heard round the world to do so.....

Michael said...

Jesus, this has been a rough stretch. How about we just unload and let the kids play?

Maurice said...

Sheesh. Have we become the MFY fans that we can't deal with a little pain? They won their last game last year. There was a point in your lifetime that they hadn't done that in your lifetime. And now they've done it thrice in your lifetime. Perspective folks.

laura k said...

Ha ha ha, good call, Maurice. I tend to agree. It's a crappy season so far, end of story. But also, blogs and forums and such are places to complain. That's part of why people come here (and elsewhere).

laura k said...

For my part, I miss watching fun baseball. Each year I look forward to baseball season and the joy of watching my team, the ups and downs, the unexpected.

When it's only downs, and it's all pretty much expected, I'm being denied a great pleasure. And it's the only sport I follow.

So you know, I'd be happier if they won more games!

Tom DePlonty said...

For my part, I miss watching fun baseball.

Me too. After last season, it's also frustrating and baffling to see them stink this much. I guess it's "still early", but it's going to take a long winning streak just to get back to .500. They don't look like they have it in them right now and the injuries are not helping.