May 12, 2014

The Intentional Walk Rage System & MLB Displays (Again) Its Contempt For Baseball Fans

Some notes from last week:

Joe Posnanski finds intentional walks so detestable that he came up with The Intentional Walk Rage System, allocating points to determine how apoplectic you should be at any given BBI. And last Thursday, Royals manager Ned Yost nearly broke the damn system. (See also Ron Washington's BBI of David Ortiz in the first inning yesterday.)

Now that the Rangers have called up Rougned Odor, the search is on for the new best name in the minor leagues.

Bud Selig/MLB continue to treat baseball fans like dogshit on their shoes. MLB has urged iTunes to pull team-related podcasts. Because passionate fans listening to other passionate fans discuss the game they love is the ultimate evil. (Apparently, the podcasts are returning. It's unclear if their removal was in error or whether MLB is backtracking due to negative publicity.)

The Yankees are giving Tino Martinez a plaque in Monument Park. Who's next? Mel Hall? Andy Stankiewicz? Hideki Irabu?

"How Making Outs Can Help You Win". I think my IQ just dropped 15 points.

July 17: "David Ortiz: In the Moment" will debut on EPIX.

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