May 14, 2014

Ortiz's Pop-Up Against Darvish Changed From Error To Hit

I did not expect this.

Richard Durrett, ESPNDallas:
Major League Baseball has changed the call on a ball hit by David Ortiz in the seventh inning of Yu Darvish's near no-hitter last Friday from an error to a single.

The ball, which was hit in the air to right field and fell between second baseman Rougned Odor and right fielder Alex Rios, was initially ruled an error by official scorer Steve Weller.

The play ended Darvish's perfect-game bid but kept the Rangers' ace's no-hitter intact. Darvish carried the no-hitter through 8.2 innings, until Ortiz singled through the shift to end his bid.


Maxwell Horse said...

Ortiz is a CHEETR! That's always ruled an error. And I know cuz I watch a lot of baseball. Typical homer official in the BoSux pockets! Bag on Arod all you want but the man is classy enuff not to pay off officials just to get another hit!

... end scene.

Patrick said...

Obviously they don't change the call if Yu Darvish had completed the "no hitter", but boy would it be awkward if he had, and they did.