April 5, 2015

Baseball Prospectus: Likes The Red Sox In 2015

Baseball Prospectus offers its 2015 picks:

AL East (# of picks for 1st place)
Red Sox    34
Blue Jays   5
Orioles     3
Yankees     2
Rays        1
The other spots for the Red Sox were 2nd (7), 3rd (2), and 4th (2). The two guys who picked Boston to finish in 4th place both picked the Yankees to win the division, so they are probably just acting like dicks. However, Friend-of-JoS Matthew Kory is most certainly not a dick, as he smartly picked the Red Sox for 1st and the Yankees for 5th.

Rusney Castillo led the way with 13 Rookie of the Year picks. Carlos Rodon had 12 (and more overall points, actually).

In the National League, the Nationals and Dodgers were unanimous picks for the East and West, respectively.

World Series Winners
Nationals    24
Dodgers      14
Cleveland     2
Orioles       1
Cardinals     1
Pirates       1
Mariners      1
Padres        1

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