April 2, 2015

SI Picks Red Sox To Win AL East

Sports Illustrated's MLB Preview '15 is out.
AL East
Red Sox    89-73
Blue Jays  84-78
Orioles    82-80
Yankees    77-85
Rays       74-88
ALDS: Cleveland over Red Sox; Mariners over Tigers
ALCS: Cleveland over Mariners
World Series: Cleveland over Nationals
A Rival Scout Sizes Up The Red Sox:

The Red Sox can win the division because the whole division has holes. This is the worst AL East I've ever seen. ... There's no No. 1 starter, no No. 2. Clay Buchholz is a zero; he's got no tiger in him. ... Joe Kelly is a teaser. ... Rick Porcello is a 4. ... Mookie Betts is a better offensive player than Rusney Castillo right now. Betts should start in centerfield but shift to right eventually. ... Their bullpen is sketchy. Koji Uehara looks healthy but old. ...

A Rival Scout Sizes Up The Yankees:

Welcome to the if club: If Masahiro Tanaka's arm doesn't fall off, if CC Sabathia turns back the clock to 2011, if Michael Pineda stays healthy, if Adam Warren steps up. ... Tanaka has looked very good this spring [but] you're playing Russian roulette every time he throws the ball. ... I have to say, Alex Rodriguez has been a pleasant surprise. ... He's a piece of crap - but he's winning me over. ... The division is up for grabs, so they'll hang around.

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