April 21, 2015

Batting Around: 9 Or 10 Batters?

When has a team "batted around"? Is it when nine players have batted? Or does a 10th batter have to come to the plate?

I've always thought the answer is obvious: Nine. But, judging from this SoSH discussion, most people believe it is 10.

For what it's worth, the Red Sox define "batting around" as nine. In their Game Notes, distributed to members of the media, they list "Innings Batted Around" on the first page. In the Notes of April 20, it says the team has batted around twice this season, with the most recent being the 3rd inning on April 13. Boston sent nine men to the plate in that inning.

On the other hand (if I remember correctly (and I probably do, because it annoys me)), NESN's Don Orsillo always waits until the 10th batter is at the plate before noting that the team has batted around.


Section 36 said...

I always considered it the tenth batter. Say it happens in the first inning, and you're keeping score. If nine batters come to the plate, you just score all their at bats. But, if they send the tenth man to the place, you need to come back "around" to the top to keep scoring the game.

Jere said...

I feel like I've always thought it was 10, because when the first guy bats again, the order has "come back around" to the first batter again.

Jere said...

Of course Section 36 bases it on a scorecard!

Speaking of batting around, I predict the Red Sox do it tonight. Using either definition. But hopefully both.

Anonymous said...

You learn something new everyday!

Jere said...

In the episode where George gets the job at "Play Now," when talking about how Elaine is dating David Puddy again, Jerry suggests it's because she's batted around and is now back at the top of the order. That implies 9. Because by that logic you have to bat around in order to see that 10th man. By the time he's up, you've *already* batted around.

Jere said...

The other day, Castiglione noted as the 9th batter was COMING UP, that the team had batted around. So in his view it's 9, but it still wouldn't be official until the ninth batter's plate appearance is recorded.