May 11, 2015

G32: Red Sox 5, Athletics 4 (11)

Red Sox   - 000 110 200 01 - 5 10  0
Athletics - 001 110 100 00 - 4 13  1
Pablo Sandoval led off the 11th inning with his fourth home run of the year.

Mookie Betts, David Ortiz, Xander Bogaerts and Blake Swihart each had two hits. ... Betts had two RBIs. ... Swihart scored two runs.
Rick Porcello / Scott Kazmir
Betts, CF
Pedroia, 2B
Ortiz, DH
Ramirez, LF
Napoli, 1B
Sandoval, 3B
Victorino, RF
Bogaerts, SS
Swihart, C


allan said...

In Cooperstown until Thursday evening, so posting will be light.

Benjamin said...

Seems a little early to be camping out for Pedro's July 26 induction.

FenFan said...


Jere said...

Our paths will almost cross but not quite. I'll be in Cooperstown next weekend for my annual trip to the HoF Classic. Last year Pedro played! This year's list hasn't been too exciting, but they did just add O-Cab. Will be interesting to see if Ron Cey still has it, he's by far the oldest of the "old"-timers.

Kathryn said...

Allan & Jere--Have fun. I have never been, but hope to make it there one day.