May 5, 2015

Q: Most Team Hits With No Singles?

In last night's loss to the Rays, the Red Sox's first five hits were for extra-bases: three doubles and two triples. (In the sixth inning, the team had two singles.)

I wondered what was the most hits a team has had in a game without hitting a single.

Using Baseball Reference's awesome Play Index, I learned that the answer is nine.

On August 18, 1998, Atlanta had nine hits - all doubles - in an 8-4 win over the Giants.

The Red Sox's record is six, which they did on April 20, 1973, collecting four doubles and two home runs in a 3-2 loss to Cleveland.

Here is the complete list.

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allan said...

Most Hits With No Singles Or Doubles?

6: Cleveland, June 24, 1989: 6 home runs.

Among teams with at least one triple and one home run, the record is 4. Three teams have done it, including the Red Sox on August 9, 1999 (2 of each).

Most Hits with No Singles, Doubles, Or Home Runs? ... 2.