May 6, 2015

SoSH Q&A With Michael Silverman About "Pedro"

Michael Silverman - who wrote Pedro with Pedro Martinez - answered questions from Sons of Sam Horn posters.

Part of one answer:
Pedro and I spoke often in Boston during the summer of 2013, and I went down to the Dominican twice. One of those trips began with a couple of days with him in Miami. We went at his career pretty methodically, checking off all the high and low points along the way, and took many, many excursions off-topic when we thought it was a fruitful path. It usually was. I asked Pedro to be as descriptive as possible, using all five senses when he recalled events, so that I could re-tell them as best I could. He and I are pretty used to being together in an on-the-record capacity from when I covered him with the Herald, so it was easy for us to slip into that work environment and be productive. ... One night I arrived at his place [in the Dominican Republic] and there was Vladimir Guerrero on his patio, playing dominoes. No big deal. That man can throw down the tiles, let me tell you.

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