July 17, 2018

240 Players Pick Most Intimidating, Underrated, Overrated; Give Opinions On Pitch Clock, DH

The Athletic:
We had​ our beat writers ask as​ many​ players as​ they​ could —​ more than​ 240​ in total​​ — about the best players in the game, managers they would and would not want to play for, their favorite and least favorite cities to visit, and what changes they want to see MLB make.

Before we get to the answers, note that these results are not entirely scientific. ... [S]ome players answered every question below, others answered only one set. Even granted anonymity, many players declined to answer a few of the more controversial questions ... We were able to survey more NL players than AL players, which likely skewed some results.


1. Who is the most intimidating pitcher in the game? Max Scherzer (24.7%)
Runners-up: Chris Sale (22.4%), Aroldis Chapman (18.8%)
Said one player who picked Sale: "He bites the ball when he gets pissed off. He's ferocious out there."

2. Who is the most intimidating hitter in the game? Mike Trout (37.9%)
Runners-up: J.D. Martinez (11.5%), Giancarlo Stanton (9.2%), Aaron Judge (6.9%), Nolan Arenado (6.9%)

5. Who is the most underrated player in the game? Paul Goldschmidt (10%)
Runners-up: Eddie Rosario (8.9%), Anthony Rendon (6.3 %)

6. Who is the most overrated player in the game? Bryce Harper (48.6%)

7. Game 7 of the World Series — who do you want starting? Max Scherzer (19.6%)
Runners-up: Chris Sale (19.0%), Justin Verlander (15.2%), Madison Bumgarner (10.9%)

8. Game 7 of the World Series, one-run lead — who do you want closing? Craig Kimbrel (36.6%)
Runners-up: Kenley Jansen (14.5%), Aroldis Chapman (8.5%), Madison Bumgarner (8.5%)

9. Game 7 of the World Series, game on the line — who do you want at the plate? Mike Trout (31.7%)
Runners-up: Joey Votto (9.8%), José Altuve (8.5%), Mookie Betts (8.5%), J.D. Martinez (8.5%)

11. Which manager, aside from your own, would you not want to play for? Buck Showalter, Orioles (23.3%)

14. Do you think baseball should add a pitch clock?
No: 86.6%
Yes: 12.2%

16. Should the NL use the DH?
No: 53.7%
Yes: 43.9%

17. Should baseball continue to use the current replay system?
Yes: 88%
No: 12%

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