July 28, 2018

Chris Sale Is Making History

Chris Sale, obviously pleased with his performance.

Chris Sale struck out three batters in the first inning last night, giving him 200 strikeouts this season, in 136 innings. That is the fewest innings any pitcher in American League has ever needed to get 200 strikeouts.

Sale broke the AL record of 141.1 innings ... which he set last year.

With six shutout innings against the Twins last night, Sale also became the only pitcher to allow no runs and strike out 10+ batters in three consecutive starts at Fenway Park.

Sale has given up one or zero earned runs in 15 of his 22 starts.

Sale leads the AL in ERA: 2.04 (#2 in MLB, DeGrom, 171)

Sale leads MLB in opponents' batting average: .179

Sale leads MLB in opponents' OPS: .530

Sale leads MLB in opponents' slugging: .286

Sale is #2 in MLB in opponents' OBP: .244 (Verlander, .233)

Sale is #2 in MLB in WHIP: 0.87 (Verlander, 0.85)

Sale leads MLB in most strikeouts per 9 innings: 13.21

Sale leads MLB in fewest hits per 9 innings: 5.74

Sale has permitted only one run in his last 40 innings.
In his last six starts (39 innings), Sale has allowed one run and struck out 67 batters. Since the mound was moved to its current distance in 1893, he is the only pitcher with 60+ strikeouts and one or no runs allowed in a six-game span. ... The only guy in 126 years!

1 comment:

FenFan said...

His current ERA+ is 216. Amazing to behold, but consider that Pedro had three full seasons in which his ERA+ was higher than that.

2000: 291
1999: 243
1997: 219

Still, methinks the Red Sox should consider giving Sale and Betts some contract extensions now.