July 27, 2018

Schadenfreude 228 (A Continuing Series)

Mike Vaccaro, Post:
We've seen some things at the old ballyard, haven't we? We've seen standing ovations and heard cascades of boos. We've seen curtain calls in good times, muted gasps in bad times. Hell, we've seen Dave Winfield kill a bird with a fly ball and Randy Johnson kill one with a fastball.

But this was a new one: thousands of the 46,965 in the stands pushing the flashlight tab on their cell phones all around Yankee Stadium on Thursday night. Yes, this was a new one.

According to a bunch of folks on Twitter, this was an impromptu "candlelight vigil" held for Aaron Judge, as word circulated around the ballpark that Judge had been taken to New York Presbyterian Hospital for an MRI exam (and, we learned later, a CT scan to boot) since X-rays of his wrist — hit by a Jakob Junis pitch in the first inning — had been inconclusive.

It was an eerie sight, frankly. ...

Judge sustained a chip fracture in his right wrist, and while he won't need surgery ... it'll be at least three weeks before he can swing a bat again. That means no Judge for next week's Fenway Park showdown with the Red Sox, it means he and Gary Sanchez will be missing from the Yankees' lineup for the better part of August.

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Shawn K said...

They're saying 3 weeks till he can start baseball activities, but I'll be shocked if he'll be back to playing in a month. Most likely scenario is that he returns, lacks power, goes back o the DL, etc.

Now if we can only get another bullpen arm we can resume running away with the division.