August 3, 2018

My Scorecard From The Red Sox's 15-7 Rout Of the Yankees


Straddling the Border said...

It's awesome to see your scorecard - thanks for sharing it. I love keeping a scorecard and I love seeing other people's scorekeeping methodologies. The red runs scored stand out beautifully, particularly in a comeback rout.

odessaphiles said...

Seems I remember in 1967 that Lee Stange threw a complete game against the White Sox with only 81 pitches. I believe it was during their 10 game winning streak while on the road and they came home to a big crowd at Logan.

allan said...

Stange had six CG that year, but none against the White Sox.

The 10-game winning streak was July 14-23: 2 wins vs BAL at home, 2 wins vs DET at home, 2 wins at BAL, 4 wins at CLE.

Stange pitched the 4th win of the streak (7-1 over the Tigers, CG, 7 hits, 1 run) and the 8th win of the streak (4-0 win at Cleveland, CG, 3 hits, 1 walk, 4 K).

That last one is probably your game.

And he could very well have had a very low pitch count. Odds are we have no idea.

allan said...

I love seeing other people's scorekeeping methodologies

I've wanted to post one for a while, but I did not want to pick a game ahead of time, because I would likely be conscious of that during the game. I don't think I considered this one until the game was over.

allan said...

Laura likes to tell a story from the first game we ever saw together. It was September 13, 1986, Red Sox and MFY at the old Toilet. (It was the game where Rice went into the stands to get his cap, which I missed.) Anyway, we were sitting in the upper deck before the game and these two guys came along and set down next to us. One of them looked over and said to his friend he had been planning to keep score, but now he was not because that guy over there is scoring with a pen.

Not a pencil, but ink!

allan said...

I was looking through the 1986 game log and noticed this nice win on July 10 - which came on a 12th inning balk!

CAL - 012 000 010 003 - 7 12 3
BOS - 010 003 000 004 - 8 12 1

B12, trailing 7-4: Infield single. K. F7. HR. E5. BB. 1B-E3. (pitching change) Balk. Wow!

laura k said...

Laura likes to tell a story from the first game we ever saw together.

George Jetson shot glasses.