August 23, 2018

Pedro Tells "The Honest Truth": The Yankees "Don't Seem To Be Hustling ... [They Don't] Have The Energy Of A Winning Team"

Andy Clayton, Daily News:
The former Red Sox ace threw some high heat at the sluggish Bombers Tuesday night after an uninspiring win against the lousy Marlins in Miami.

Martinez - now an analyst for MLB Network and TBS - called out the Yankees in a pair of tweets.

"The Yankees don't seem to have the energy of a winning team," Martinez wrote on his @45PedroMartinez Twitter account. "I understand some key players are injured, but they don't seem to be hustling out there." ...

"When you see a team that goes out there with energy, you see they carry momentum, they hustle, and they're happy to be out there competing."

The Yankees trail Boston by nine games in the AL East standings ...

The Bombers started the month of July in a tie atop the division with the Red Sox, but the two teams have been heading in opposite directions since. A four-game sweep by the Sox at Fenway Park in early August didn't help. The Yankees are just 25-30 since July 1, while the Red Sox have gone 33-10.
(I updated the GB and W-L records with last night's results.)

Brett Gardner:
They have the best [record in baseball] and have a great team that is playing well. We have ... the toughest schedule and the worst travel. We went to Boston and they beat us four straight. ... We are doing the best we can.
Why do I hear "the toughest schedule and the worst travel" in Trump's voice?

Chris Austin (Tyler Austin's father), on Twitter:
Tyler has more hits with the twins in a week than bird has in a month with the Yankees
Tyler Austin:
Pretty embarrassed about what my dad put on there ... I told him immediately to take it down.

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