July 21, 2020

Edmonton CFL Team Will Discontinue Use Of "Eskimos" Name

The Edmonton team of the Canadian Football League announced Tuesday that it will discontinue the use of the word "Eskimo" in the team's name. For now, the team will be known as Edmonton Football Team and EE Football Team.

Janice Agrios, the chair of the team's board of directors:
People who defended the name only a year ago are less comfortable with it now. Institutions are being renamed around the world. The change to our name is part of a sweeping societal change.
Agrios said that while the nickname was used respectfully, the organization knows that an increasing number of people felt it was insensitive or racist.
To those of us who spent our formative years bundling up to sit in the stands and cheer on our team in below-zero temperatures, the name Eskimos meant tough, resilient, never give up. It also meant community and respect. We identified with this name. ... The alliteration of the two words, our northern location — the name felt like a natural fit. However, while we might relate to Inuit values, that doesn't mean we can continue to use this name.
Memo to MLB: See how easy this can be done.

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