July 24, 2020

Elias: Ortiz Hit A Red Sox-Record 26 HR Over 60 Games In 2006. (He Actually Hit 28.)

In the Press Notes for Opening Day, the Red Sox included three franchise records for a 60-game span in a single season.

This is mildly interesting, but I'm wondering why Elias couldn't include the actual dated between which each record was set? It must know them. (Maybe they did and the Red Sox cut them because they made the rows too wide? Who knows?)

I went to Baseball Reference and did it myself.

Hits:  105  - Wade Boggs  - 1985 (July 14 to September 18) 
HR:     26  - David Ortiz - 2006 (June-Aug.)
RBI:    84  - Jimmie Foxx - 1938 (April 21 to July 1)
My larger complaint concerns David Ortiz's 26 home runs in 2006.

In trying to find that 60-game span, I discovered that Flo actually cranked 28 dongs in a 60-game span, from June 17 to August 24, 2006.

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allan said...

The amounts of Hits, HR, and RBI being left- and not right-justified also bugs me.
The person overseeing the layout of the Notes should notice aesthetic things like that.