November 13, 2003

Maddon About You. Edes, Krasner, Heuschkel, Silverman and Browne on Joe Maddon's interview.

Curt Schilling told the Philadelphia Inquirer that he would not waive his no-trade clause to go to the Red Sox. "I'm not going to Boston. I never said that. I never mentioned Boston. I'm a righthanded fly-ball pitcher. In Fenway Park, that's not a tremendous mix." Uh, Curt, check your stats. Lefties have always hit you better than righties and thus Yankee "Short Porch" Stadium is not where you want to be working. Fool. ... The Red Sox may focus on Foulke, though his salary seems a bit high for Theo's blood.

Mickey Kaus has a pretty funny exchange where John Kerry is asked what he would have done in Grady's cleats. But when Kaus compared Bush to Pedro, I got scared and ran away. ... Another Day, Another Lie. On Tuesday, Bush said the area of Iraq in which insurgents are attacking coalition forces was only "200 square miles." Today, White House Spokesman Scott McClellan admitted "the area is larger" -- in the thousands of square miles.

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