November 5, 2003

Oakland A's bench coach Terry Francona will be interviewed today. Bud Black is no longer a candidate. ... It looks like Pettitte will file for free agency.

Some questions for the next Red Sox manager:

Question #1: Who is the ideal leadoff man?
A) The fastest guy on the team.
B) The centerfielder.
C) A real good bunter.
D) The guy with the higest OBP.

Question #4: Where do you bat your best all-around hitter?
A) Eighth.
B) Second except when Todd Walker plays, then I bat him eighth.
C) I keep him on the bench until Hillenbrand is traded, then I bat him eighth.
D) First, second or third, as long as he gets a lot of at bats.

Question #5: How would you define the ideal closer?
A) The guy with the best fastball.
B) It depends on the matchup.
C) If a righty is hitting, a lefty, if a lefty is hitting, a righty.
D) Brandon Lyon.

Police Blotter: Friday's preliminary hearing for two Yankees accused of assaulting a Fenway Park groundskeeper will be open to the public. ... Red Sox team physician William J. Morgan has pleaded not guilty to drunken-driving charges.

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