November 28, 2003

Welcome to Boston, Mr. Schilling! The deal is done! According to ESPN: "It's expected that his extension will be for two more guaranteed years -- $12.5M in 2005 and $13M in 2006 -- with a vesting option for $13 million that will guarantee a third season in 2007 if he stays healthy." Jayson Stark adds 30 wonderful words: "The Red Sox sent a message to the Yankees in particular and to all of baseball that they are willing to do whatever it takes to win a world championship."

It has been a whirlwind day in the Nation. From last night to this evening, Schilling has spent perhaps four hours chatting with Red Sox fans on the internet, mostly in the Chat Room at Sons of Sam Horn (link at left). The Chat Room holds only 25 people and unfortunately, I wasn't one of them during his two visits. But I can say that team owner John Henry (also a SoSH poster!) logged on to give fans the good news at 5:48 pm: "[Curt] was just telling me about all of the e-mails, about the passion of our fans, about posting on the Sons of Sam Horn. So congratulations, SoSH, on helping to bring Curt Schilling to Boston!" ... I think I wore out my Refresh key this afternoon on the many SoSH threads.

So how long until Truck Day?

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