November 22, 2003

Saturday Sox Stuff. The Red Sox will meet with Keith Foulke next week (and were turned down when they asked to interview Seattle manager Bob Melvin). Dirt Dog says the Red Sox have let Maddon know he's out of the running and will name Francona as manager once the apparent charade of talking to Hale is over. ... Ian Browne looks at 15 free agents and how they'd mesh with Boston, including Greg Maddux. ... Joel Sherman of the New York Post thinks Boston will make a play (and square off with the Yankees) for Schilling if/when Francona is hired (Curt pitched for him in Philly). ... Baseball Primer looks at the possibility of collusion. ... A snip from an interview with David Pinto of the Baseball Musings blog: I was "surprised at how much more my head is in the game when I'm scoring. If I just sit as a fan, I can't remember what happened two innings ago." I don't know if it's poor memory/old(er) age or whether it is a dependency borne out of years of faithfully scoring games, but it's nice hear someone else has the same problem.

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