November 1, 2003

Saturday. The Red Sox will interview Dodgers third base coach Glenn Hoffman on Monday and Angels pitching coach Bud Black later next week. ... Gordon Edes writes "Ramirez probably has about as much chance of being the Red Sox' Opening Day left fielder on April 5 as Grady Little has of being manager." Hmmm, does that mean he'll be the DH? ... The idea of Texas trading A-Rod anywhere looks less likely.

According to the Globe, the Red Sox "appear adamantly opposed to shouldering a portion of" Ramirez's salary if he plays elsewhere. That is good news. I figured management wasn't insane enough to consider paying Manny x millions while he's putting up Hall of Fame numbers somewhere else (and possibly against the Red Sox), but it's always nice to know for sure. ... Also, someone at SoSH posted this quote: "I've asked them to trade me away from Boston many times this summer. I don't like the town, I don't like the people, and the newspapermen have been on my back all year." (Ted Williams, 1940 (which was his 2nd season)

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