January 25, 2004

Exporting Death And Violence. Washington Post: "The Bush administration has produced a list of possible changes for Iraq's political transition, with some US and British officials acknowledging for the first time that the original plan could even be scrapped altogether if the United States is to preempt the growing clamor for elections. ... 'The United States told us that as long as the timetable is respected, they are ready to listen to any suggestion,' a senior UN official said."

Amazing. "... if the United States is to preempt the growing clamor for elections." I thought we were exporting democracy with free and open elections? I guess Bush knew better when he told Bob Woodward: "We will export death and violence to the four corners of the Earth in defense of our great nation." ... Timetable? That would be Bush's relection [sic] campaign. Although the PNACers spent 3-4 years planning this invasion, they apparently didn't take even a couple of hours to think about what they'd do if the Iraqis didn't greet the invaders with rose petals and songs of joy.

Today's Insane Nutjob: US Army General Peter Schoomaker, who says the Iraq and Afghanistan wars have provided a "tremendous focus" and instilled a "warrior ethos" in the military. "There is a huge silver lining in this cloud," Schoomaker says. Meanwhile, veterans are getting screwed and at least six more Americans died this weekend (that's 512 and counting). ... Hello, Syria? You're so next!

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