January 13, 2004

Seeing The Real You At Last. Hey, Mike Vaccaro, what do you think Red Sox fans have been saying for the last seven years? "Should Have Known Better Than To Trust This Rat"

John Henry signed Larry Lucchino to a seven-year contract extension as the club's president and CEO. ... BlogWatch: Ed Cossette takes a chemistry class. ... Good to see Musings from RSN is back. ... Aaron Gleeman on his Vegas vacation (January 12 entry)

Xymphora: "For months now, conspiracy theorists have speculated that the motivations for the attacks on Afghanistan and Iraq weren't pure, and the Bush Administration had used the 9-11 attacks and the 'war on terror' as a bogus excuse for wars they wanted to have for other reasons. Those who lick Bush's boots made fun of these theories. ... The wildest and most unbelievable theories of the conspiracy nuts have proven, again, to be true." ... Indeed, Bush now acknowledges those claims were correct. ... It's been a rough week for the Neo-cons. ... Tony Blair admits he doesn't know whether Saddam Hussein had WMD. Is that why the US is bombing England?

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