January 18, 2004

Want Complete Nomar News? Read Chicago's Newspapers. On Saturday, Nomar Garciaparra spoke to reporters while conducting his annual baseball clinic for kids at Stonehill College. Here are some quotes:

Tony Massarotti, Herald: "It's really up to them [contract extension]. I haven't really heard much from the Red Sox since all the other stuff transpired. The ball's in their court. ... If things stay as they are, I won't feel unsettled. I'm under contract with the Boston Red Sox. I'm ready. In years past (my contract status) hasn't been an issue and (my approach) hasn't been about where the future lies; it's about that (one) year. We've got a great team and we can win the World Series." ... Nomar also said he had made peace with Kevin Millar, "but he's just going to have to buy me a lot of dinners."

Gordon Edes, Globe: "My offseason has been great. How could it not be? I got married. It's been wonderful, to be honest with you. ... The team looks great on paper. That's all we've got right now. We'll see how it progresses. I don't think we'll have any problem getting the chemistry back."

Projo: "I know baseball is a business. I'm not thinking about it, one way or another. I've always said there are things in baseball you can control, and things you can't. I'm focusing on what I can control, like getting ready for the upcoming season. ... What is there to be hurt about? I got married, I get to be with 500 kids today, teaching them baseball, there's really nothing to be hurt about."

Interestingly, part of Nomar's comments about the Red Sox on paper were left out of all three of these reports. Only Ian Browne at redsox.com reported the more complete quote: "I feel great. I'm working out and getting myself ready for the season. I'm excited for the season. Have you seen our team right now on paper? It's pretty good. The other good thing about that paper is I'm still on it, too."

"The other good thing about that paper is I'm still on it, too." ... I believe Garciaparra was speaking to the reporters as a group, taking questions from all of them. If so, there is no excuse for Edes and Massarotti (the Projo piece was unsigned) to omit the important fact that Nomar is happy to still be a part of the Red Sox. Unless portraying Garciaparra as an uncommunicative, unhappy loner wanting to flee Boston as soon as he can is part of your agenda. ... Browne was also the only writer to have this quote: "I've always said that there's one place I want to play and this is it. This is the place I've loved. I've never said anything different." (I also found the quote in the Chicago Sun-Times.) So for the most complete Red Sox coverage, check out MLB and newspapers halfway across the country. ... Also: Scott Williamson's one-year deal will be worth $3.175 million.

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